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Use an online App to count calories

Use online exercise apps

Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply keep fit, calorie counters are available in a wide range of different versions.  Lots of people like to keep a check of what calories their food contain or how many calories a particular type of exercise has burned off.

Top exercises

Firstly, what exercises are best for burning those calories?  One of the most intensive activities to burn fat and calories is skating.  The side to side movement helps use a lot of muscles and helps you with balance.  Similarly, my son tells me, does his new Loaded Longboard, which has allowed him to build up his leg muscles and work on his balance.

Running has long been seen as a great burner of calories as the major muscles used by a runner – in the legs, backside and core – are the best for burning calories.  An average is 374 calories in a 30 minute run.  Swinging arms adds to the impact but to avoid injury, alternate between slow and fast sections.

Any professional boxer will tell you the best way to get a workout is to get the jumping rope into action.  Half an hour workout with a rope is estimated to burn 340 calories, and you can even repeat with movements without a rope if you don’t have one.  Keep feet slightly apart and body upright as well as only jumping a short distance from the ground to get the most from the session.  Switch speeds as well as style for variation or use the rope while you jog.

Apps to check results

If you want a simple app to check how many calories you have burned during a run, Calorie Burner is a simple, free app which will do this for you.  You simply input what you weight is and how many miles you ran for and the app will work out how many calories burned.

LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker is another free app which has a searchable database of food and meals so you can see how many calories you have consumed in your dishes.  You can set yourself goals, and the app will monitor your progress with the info you put in and it can be used to track your weight, as well.

Easy Calorie Counter requires following the link from the Windows Store to the publisher website, but the end product is an app which connects with a variety of resources.  It can check the USDA food database and allow you to input the information about dishes you discover to the app’s database.  It saves your food diary daily and has a built in calorie counter to work alongside this and help you monitor your progress.


No matter what you goal is be it weight loss or healthy lifestyle, there is plenty of information online to get you some pointers about what exercise you can undertake.  Plus the Windows Store has plenty of different apps which can help you monitor your progress and see where any problems in your diet may lie.  It doesn’t make the exercise any less tiring, but it will help you see the gains from your work, and that makes it all worth it.

Dropbox: Useful & Free

Information on how Dropbox works

Courtesy of Vijay VJ

So while I know summer is on its way, and you’re no doubt checking out to see which grill you’ll be using to become a master chef, there is something every computer user should be taking advantage of, and its name is Dropbox.

Dropbox currently has 200 million users worldwide, so you’d probably have to be living under a rock not to be taking advantage of the service, or, at the very least, have heard of it. If you’re one of the few who are late to the party, let us clue you in on one of the coolest and most useful services on the internet.

What is it?

Dropbox is a cloud file hosting service – or, for the novice, a remote place that you can store pictures, word documents, videos, etc, and access anywhere – out of San Francisco, California. It’s like an extra C drive for your computer, except that it’s not on your computer, or even in your house. It’s hosted on a ‘cloud,’ or a remote place that you’ll never see yourself.


Ten, five, or even one year ago for some people, not having enough room on your hard  drive meant buying more memory, or an external hard drive to store your documents, songs, videos, and pictures on. No more (unless you need a whole lot of room), because Dropbox is absolutely free for most users. They do offer paid service for large amounts of room, but for most folks it doesn’t cost them a penny. It offers up to 20 gigabytes of memory per day for free, and up to 10 gigs per file. For pro and business accounts, the limit is 200 gigs per day.


You may be concerned with storing your private things like pictures, or documents that contain sensitive information like scanned bank account statements on a cloud server for fear of someone accessing them, but the good thing about Dropbox is that each account comes with a ‘public’ file built in that allows you to put anything you want the public to access on it. If you want to share pictures of your vacation, a funny story you wrote, or a video of something interesting, you can do so in the public file. Everything else is private and no one will have access to it but you.

Accessing Dropbox

So, how do you access Dropbox? It’s pretty simple: just go to and download the file on your desktop and set it to appear as one of your window icons. A blue cube icon will show there – or on your taskbar, depending on how you set it – for you  to double click any time you want to ‘drop’ a file into one of the folders you create.


Another great tool Dropbox is useful for is private sharing. You can invite specific people to have access to certain folders in your Dropbox account. If you have baby pictures you want to share with family, documents you want to share with your boss, or links you wants to share with your co-workers, just drop them into a folder, add their names to the share list, and viola, they have access.


Dropbox is one of the most useful free tools available to us on the internet, and if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Why Shoes Should Be Integrated With Operating Systems

I’ve been a technophile for quite a while now. I just love new technology, and I’m almost always in the “early adopter” category. And you guys probably know that already. This is a technology blog, after all! As a technology hobbyist, I’m always on the lookout for ways technology can – or should – be integrated into our world.

Because the world is changing, and technology is advancing at an exponential rate. New technologies are being rapidly incorporated into everything – from advanced rocket systems to things as simple and mundane as your home microwave.
So, this article is about another mundane product that seems to be falling behind others in terms of its marriage with technology. And that product is… shoes!
Yep; shoes. In addition to being a technophile, I’m also an avid runner. Plus, recently, I’ve been getting into other types of exercise, like crossfit and indoor soccer. And it wasn’t long until I noticed something pretty significant. There were very limited options – in terms of technology – for the best crossfit shoes and the lightest indoor soccer cleats. And if that was the case with these two sports, it was surely the case with other sports as well.

Sure, shoe technology has advanced over the years, but that is not the same thing as technology integration in the way we were talking about it above. Lighter rubbers is not the same thing as merging shoes with hardware and software. And it got me thinking: someone needs to say (or write) something!

So I figured it might as well be me. To that end, here is my case for why we need to merge the shoe market with some of the current operating systems.

  • Athletes love information. Athletes are just as motivated by (and obsessed with) information as the rest of us – perhaps even more so. What athlete doesn’t want to know his lap times, calories burned, acceleration rate, joint pressure, and the like? I know I do! By merging physical shoes with current operating systems – with whatever software it takes – athletes could have access to a whole new realm of data.


  • It would create new business opportunities in both markets. Shoe markets have struggled in the last decade to really disrupt any of their markets. There’s only so much you can do with a shoe, you know? Likewise, the major operating systems (Windows and Mac OS) have largely become stagnant. When that happens to two different markets, new opportunities can usually be created by crashing them into each other, and the shoe and OS markets are certainly no different. If we want new opportunities in either market, this could be a good solution.


  • It would be cool! Lastly, it would just be awesome. Admittedly, this is motivated by total and complete selfishness. I want cool shoe technology! And, since it’s incredibly hard for startups to make a real splash, one of the fastest ways to get there seems to be to merge the shoe with a major technological player, like we find at Microsoft and Apple. So let’s make it happen!

Look Out For These Up-And-Coming Smart Watches

I’ve always been a watch wearer. To me, there’s just something… classic about wearing a watch. It makes me feel distinguished. Now, the biggest argument against watches today is that everyone has a smart phone. Why would you need a watch if you already have a phone that does everything you need and also tells you the time?
And there are a couple of reasons. First, I just like the look and feel of a watch. I think they look cool, and there are plenty of ways to pair them with an outfit to really make them work as an accessory. Also, I’ve always thought smart phones are just kind of clunky. They are big and, I always feel like kind a jerk when I’m goofing around on my smartphone.
Smart watches, to me, are the perfect solution. It should be noted, however, that the smart watch industry is still new. Everyone right now is racing to be the first person to really make a splash in this market. Consequently, most companies are launching fairly incomplete products. So, while many of these products will be updated down the line with software and firmware updates, lots of them leave quite a bit to be desired.
Still, many of them have lots of cool features, and getting into this market now could be a great way to learn about the products and what’s really worth the money. It could also be a cool way to familiarize yourself with the
So, without further ado, here are a few of the best smart watches of the year.

Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble smart watch is typically listed as the crowd favorite. It started its life as a Kickstarter project, and amassed a big funding windfall from there. As awesome as it is, this smart watch still isn’t complete. There’s just not enough software yet in this market to make it a full-package type of watch.
Still, it’s fairly robust, and, as far as smart watches go, it’s probably among the best watch brands right now. Really, it’s setting itself up to be one of the best men’s watches under $200.

This watch connects wireless to your phone, which is great, but it still lacks quite a bit of functionality. Namely, you can’t call or text directly from the watch (even though you can view texts and calls). This will be one of the essential features of future smart watches, and it should be implemented as soon as possible, in our opinion.
Still, for a start, this is a cool watch that is making lots of headway in a relatively new market. The design is good, the battery life is good, and the overall functionality is a good start. Hopefully, Pebble can keep this trend going and stay ahead of the market, even as big players like Google seek to enter this new tech space.
Here are a few other watches to look out for. Check it out!

Top Hair Stylist Salon Management Software Programs For Windows 7

manage your hair studio with appsDiscovering the best hair salon management software on the market for Windows 7 is important! Will it be user-friendly? What options does it have, and will it fit your needs? Is it worth the money? Is it dependable? The salon management software you choose should make it easy to interact with your clients, both on-line and via their phones. Scheduling appointments should be easy , as well as sending reminders and appointment updates. has used a few excellent choices provided by our firm when it comes to inventory management.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris by DaySmart Software is installed software created by industry professionals. It tracks clients, appointments, payroll, services, inventory, and more. It has staff management features, and offers accounting integration, barcode scanning, credit card processing and point of sale (POS) integration. Inventory management will help you keep track of everything.There is a client history option that will help you to see what your client has had done in the past, and a customer loyalty program will help your clients stick with you over other salons! Gift card processing is a breeze with Salon Iris. The features available for even novice users will help make running your salon easy!
Salon Connection by Blue Crystal Software is also an installed software. There is no full-time internet connection needed — simply install it on your computer. It has toll-free support from sales people, support reps, and developers. It offers such features as a complete client history, a scheduling system for both the month and the week to prevent overbooking, multilayered security, and text messaging and email for reminders, confirmations and special messages. It tracks prepayments, customer balances and credits, and has a built-in cash drawer, receipt printer, magnetic strip reader and bar code support.


There are different modules to add as your company grows, so you don’t have to buy a lot up front to start things going!
SalonBooker by Booker was built for making your salon business better and giving you everything you need to successfully grow your salon. Their web-based software has on-line booking, marketing, point-of-sale, and so much more. With SalonBooker you get social promotion, email marketing, scheduling, booking through Facebook, online, or mobile and tablet booking, too. They have point-of-sale, credit card processing, eCommerce, and mobile payment processing. Managing everything is easy, whether it is customer management, employee schedule and payroll, inventory management, or reports.
Rosy Salon and Spa by Floydware is another web-based software that is easy to use, and accessible from anywhere. It is designed by salon professionals. Online scheduling, email confirmations, text alerts, email marketing, and Facebook integration are easily accomplished.


They are very helpful, giving plenty of support through the setup and training to help make your business grow. Their inventory control, and business management are easily managed from anywhere. Checkout and process payments with ease, and manage your cash drawer, gift card and all transactions quickly and easily so you can spend more time with your clients.
The best thing to do is to try the software out in a free trial, which a reliable software company will offer. It is the best way to determine what feels right for you!

Mexican Food Apps

One of my favorite types of food to set about trying to cook at home is Mexican.  There are such a huge variety of dishes which can be made that there is something for every taste.  There is also something for every occasion.  But are there are Mexican food apps for the Windows 8 computers and phones?

tacos for best stainless steel cookwareMexican Food Recipes (free)

The first one I came across was called Mexican Food Recipes.  It was free to download and was done so in a very short time.  I accessed it, and it looks very clean and neat.  There were only two sections, however, Lunch Menu and Dessert.

Into the Lunch Menu I went and immediately latched onto the Squash and Ground Beef casserole which I could utilize my new best stainless steel cookware to prepare.  The instructions were clear and precise, down to what type of pan (skillet) it recommended using.  So that looked like a good start.  There were some good standard dishes as well such as Mexican rice and Enchilada Sauce.

The recipes on this app are provided by so while there aren’t huge amounts of options on the app, it isn’t a hardship to skip over to my desktop and search the full website which boasts over 475,000 recipes.  A quick search on Mexican yielded a wealth of results, so while the app was a little limited, it led me on to a good website for further research.

 Mexican Recipes (free)

Mexican Recipes is another free app, and this one is a biggie.  There are huge numbers of recipes listed on the app with an idea besides each category of how many items is in each one.  The background to this app is a website called

Firstly, the app.  Just to give you a few ideas, there were 139 items in the ‘Best’ category which included Margarita drinks recipes to Chicken Tortilla Soup and starter ideas for making Guacamole.  Then there was a dips section with 40 recipes and an off-shot from Guacamole with another 28 recipes using the green stuff.

There is also a decent kids section with 24 different special meals for the younger ones, rice dishes, salsa recipes, side dishes and a wide range of traditional Mexican staples such as quesadillas, tacos and burritos.  Actually, there was so much information, I didn’t really know where to start.  But no-one could say there was a lack of choices.

As above, I follow the app back to it’s website and this too is a big site.  It actually even has a culinary encyclopedia so if you don’t speak fluent Chef, you can pick up some tips as to what is being said.  There’s a recipe section which has all the usual areas; cuisines, courses, healthy as well as focuses on things such as social, occasions  and ingredients.  So if you are searching for inspiration without really knowing what you are looking for, there’s plenty here.

One other part I quite liked was the videos area which was a little more diverse than just how to cook a certain dish with drinks and health sections.  Although, after eating all that Mexican, I think some of the videos about burning fat and loosing weight may come in handy!


These were just a couple of the free apps I found when searching for my Mexican inspiration.  Doubtless there are many more recipes on the wide variety of cooking apps which are available in the Windows store, but for a quick bit of inspiration, without getting side tracked by Italian or Chinese, then these apps will do the job.


Best Recipe Applications For Windows

Technological advancements have impacted almost every facet of our day to day life, including our time in the kitchen.

Windows Recipes Apps and Resources

By now most of us have our favorite operating system, device(s), and software options. Technology will certainly continue to evolve, but here is a rundown of solid recipe applications for all culinary artists to try for their Windows devices. Below them is a key feature to heavily consider.

allrecipes1. Allrecipes (internet, free)

Okay, itís not new for a quite a few of us. Yet, itís a tried and true free site that many of us started with and have watched blossom like a child into an adult. With 30 million cooks in the network and 50K recipes to sift through, itís still lovable and has kept up with the times. The even have how to videos for various topics: or knife sharpening or even making a fondue.

Where it stands out: excellent review section from a gigantic network of users. Quickly sifting through comments from those who have tried the recipe can take a 4 star dish to a 5 if you consider suggestions accordingly.


2. Now You’re Cooking (internet or CD, $69.95)

Sure, it’s more than a few bucks to spend, but it also comes with a nice mobile app. The app is fantastic too on the latest OS from windows – it looks very sharp! While its user interface isn’t the most pleasant on the eyes compared to others with a somewhat ìspreadsheet-ish look and feel to it – it’s great for the cook with ADD or OCD in keeping things very efficiently organized.

Where it stands out: for international culinary artists, it has the ability to translate recipes from 14 different languages! Itís a very handy feature for those looking to really expand their boundariesÖ..a valuable and rather unique feature, indeed.


3. Big Oven (internet, $2.50 a month or $20 annually)

Big OvenA favorite of many. This product has a pleasant interface and all the bells and whistles like nutrition and allergy information accompanied by fantastic help/support should you encounter any issues when using.

Where it stands out: gives users the ability to import worn and beloved, handwritten recipe cards into your cookbook via scan. First 25 are free and are $1 a piece thereafter. It can get pricey, but it is well worth it to the millions out there looking to convert that old, stout index card collection into the digital age.


So thereís just the tip of the iceberg to start within the Windows realm. If price is a key factor most sites have a free trial version for a sampling, too. So, try out these great Windows apps that easily enable anyone to tantalize old and new taste buds alike!

Others to consider: Pepperplate and Living Cookbook

Windows Phone Stay Organized with Camping Checklist App

Your Windows phone does all sorts of useful, interesting, and fun things. That’s why you got it. It’s a trusted platform, backed by one of the largest companies in the world, and with the new iterations of Windows, you can now enjoy a similar experience on your phone, tablet, and computer.

More Apps and Useful Tools

I love looking through new apps and seeing what genius people have come up with. The phone is pretty much unlimited in terms of what you can do nowadays, so all you need is a good imagination and some coding skills to make a real difference. I’m glad to see more apps in the store now – people are finally starting to take notice that the Windows phone isn’t going anywhere, and are helping to make them amazing by giving us some useful tools.

This is a bit of a personal love of mine, but if you’re a fan of camping like I am, I came across an awesome app that should help you out by keeping you organized before and during your trip.

Camping Checklist App

Get your handy Windows phone, whatever kind you have, and go to the Apps+Games Store. Simply type in Camping Checklist and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Windows PhoneLike I said, I love camping but my wife tells me I’m not always the most organized person in the world. There have been times where we’ve got absolutely soaked because I forgot the rain fly for the tent. Once, I even forgot to grab the box with all of our food. How on earth I did that, I’ll never know, but let’s just say I’ll never live it down. Oops.

With this camping app for my phone, I have an easily accessible list of things I need to bring. I check it over before I leave, too. Not only then is it helpful to get the actual items I need, but having the app actually reminds me to double check everything, so it’s useful in a couple of ways.

Remembering The Whole List

With this app, I might actually remember to bring all the gear I need for camping…not just most of it.

The app works with both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 and is just $0.99.

What I’ve done is made a list for each type of activity I do, so I have put in a camping list, a backpacking list, and a hiking list. Then, I break things down even more by putting things like “Food”, “Tools”, and “Sleeping” in my camping checklist so I remember to bring my cooking utensils and camping stove and the actual food when I look in the Food category. It helps keep things super organized and I can pack things together this way.

Organizing Time Saver

This app saves me tons of time because there are pre-loaded items to select (but you can add your own), so I don’t have to write down a new list each time I go with each and every piece of equipment I have. I just select from the stuff already there and there you have it – I’ll never forget my nice and cozy down sleeping bag again! (Don’t ask…another long story.)

If you have a love for the great outdoors, this app can certainly help keep you organized and make your outings even better.

Using Microsoft Outlook To Plan Your Day

People these days seem to always be looking for more ways to stay organized. They buy day planners, tablets that schedule appointments and many people seem to keep track of things on their phones. What many people don’t realize is that one of the best possible day organizers out there is actually Microsoft Outlook.

Using Outlook


Outlook can help you not only plan your entire day, but can help you keep track of contacts, important meetings, your fitness regimen, when to eat and even the appropriate time to take fitness products if you need help mapping out your day. People get so busy sometimes (myself included) that I forget to eat. You can schedule your lunches, and time block literally everything you want to with Microsoft Office’s calendar functionality.

Keyboard for Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook is also great for scheduling follow ups for sales and new clients. You can add contact information in the database as well as E-mail distribution lists. Many people use this software to set reminders for sales appointments and use it to track the outcome of those sales appointments making Outlook not only a great day organizer, but also a fantastic CRM tool on top of it.

Backwards Compatible

One of the best things about Microsoft Outlook is that it’s backwards compatible. That means that most versions of Office will be compatible with the prior year’s version of that particular operating system. For example, if you still run windows 7, and you buy the newest version of Microsoft Outlook 2013, you will find that it still works on Windows 7 without you upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft 8, which makes Outlook not only great software, but extremely cost friendly as well.

Microsoft Outlook also has the added benefit of being one of the most used pieces of software when it comes to E-mail correspondence within corporations. Most corporations sign up for Microsoft Outlook on a business license and install outlook across their entire corporation making this software one of the most widely used pieces of communication software on the market. This is another great reason why outlook is so vital when it comes to planning.


Outlook is quickly becoming the preferred method of E-mail communication by several major industries including telecommunications, finance, health care and healthy living or fitness. Personal trainers use it frequently to keep track of appointments they may have set with clients to review the client’s weight loss goals, nutritional product intake as well as a structured diet.

Once you have learned how to use it to plan your daily activities, you will become a far more efficient worker and you will be able to also plan out and organize your daily life better at home if you translate the same skills over to your personal computer. Using outlook to map out your day is convenient as it’s also compatible with most tablets making it very easy to use on the weekend if you need help staying organized to get certain tasks done around the house. Microsoft Outlook will continue to be an industry leader in just about every category as long as Microsoft continues to push Technology and service to the top of the importance scale like it always has.

Memory Leaks and Software Aging

By Jeff Dixon

More and more of an average person’s life now centers on the use of a computer. Whether it’s a desktop or laptop many individuals and families use a computer for a variety of important functions from homework to paying bills. Yet, few people consider the problem of a memory leak since most do not truly understand how their personal computer uses memory. While most us know how critical and expensive a gas leak or plumbing problems can be, the issue of a computer memory problem seldom tops the list of concerns. Memory leaks are just as damaging and costly especially if the use of a computer is necessary to perform work or run a household.

Memory leaksOverrunning the computer’s hard drive due to a system memory leak will cause the PC’s components to “age” or wear out faster than normal. Memory leaks can also result in software or hardwire issues that cause a hard drive to crash.

 Thrashing and Failure of the Hard Drive

The term thrashing or disk thrashing is used to describe the overworking of the hard drive from excessively moving information from the system memory to the virtual memory. This can be caused when the system doesn’t have enough memory, the system swap file is improperly configured, the computer is running too many applications or programs, the PC has low resources, or a memory leak exists.

In all of these events when thrashing occurs the only thing amiss the user will see is that the hard drive is constantly in use, and there’s a decrease in the PC’s performance. Thrashing no matter the cause can result in a total failure of the hard drive if not corrected.

A memory leak is by the far the most serious of these issues, as unlike the others it’s not correctable by increasing the RAM, decreasing the number of programs running on a computer, or adjusting the size of the swap file. Memory leaks also occur slowly, and by the time the user of the computer realizes there’s a problem it’s often too late, and the hard drive is already damaged.


What is a Memory Leak?

A memory leak occurs when a program running on the system fails to release the memory it’s used. What’s supposed to happen when a program is completed is the memory is then released for other programs to use. This can be a program the system uses, a program the user has installed, or a program that runs in association with a device connected with the computer such as printer or MP3 printer. It can be a complex accounting software, or something downloaded for free from a website such as game or social media app. Every time this program or app is used it will grab memory and never release it causing a “leak” of memory the user will not notice at first.  This why those who do computer repair recommended keeping an eye on system resources in order to make sure nothing is causing the computer’s hard drive to run double duty.

 How to Check for Memory Leak

Just as a homeowner would check for a gas leak or water problem using a meter, it’s possible can check for a memory leak by looking at the system resources of the PC.  Look at the computer’s Physical Memory Usage History and notice if something is taking and keeping more memory than it should. Also look for those programs that are closed, but still show they are using memory. Seeing these issues can indicate there’s a memory leak from these programs.